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How to Walk Away - Katherine Center

How to Walk Away: A Novel by Katherine Center
Story starts out with Margaret and she's excited about her date with Chip.
Things are going really well for her-a new job prospect and she thinks he's going to pop the question on the date.
The day starts out well, even the date til they arrive at the airplane hanger=he's a pilot, just gotten his hours in and he wants to share it all with her.
She's skeptical and terrified of going in the pane but she goes anyways and things don't all go according to plan. He takes her near the beach where he's done some prior work down there and then head back and is told a surprise is in the glove box-the family ring-for her!
Problem is bad weather plays a bad trick on them. The story follows what happens after the accident and how she struggles everyday to do everything. She's got a determined PT and she does succeed. She is also brought back in touch with her sister Kitty and she even comes to visit and she learns so many secrets from the past.
Troubling times are still arising from others around her circle and she's taken on a vacation to the cabin and Ian the PT comes to her resuce and things get out of hand.
She has a solution but he heads back to Europe without her. Kit has a plan and the girls and their mom head overseas to the wedding of Chip. She remembers him visitng her at the hosptial...
Loved reading this story, all the medical terms made easy for us to understand and it all falls into place. Twists and turns along the way and a lot of surprises.
Love the locations and so descriptive details. Didn't see this ending, very surprising! Would like to read other works by this new author to me.
Received this review copy via St. Martins Press via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.
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