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Amidst Ancient Monuments: The Administrative History of Mound City Group National Monument/Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, Ohio - Ron Cockrell

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park: Mound City
We had just returned from a visit to Ohio and we were able to walk through the mounds ourselves.
I had told my husband how at peace my whole body was. It's a sacred Hopewell tribe ceremonial mounds and earthworks.
We were able to talk to the clerk inside the visitor's center and he informed us of how perfect the circles were but in 800AD they didn't have measuring tools.
Also told us of other areas that have the mounds and that one location was to go public the holiday weekend for a few hours. That only happens a few times every year.
So interesting to hear about the mounds, their purpose and how they were built.
Love hearing of all the mathematical discussions as they had no tools that we have for measuring and they are just perfect. It's all in the clay at the bottom of the mounds-the structures of the mounds are discussed and taken apart so you know what is in each layer.
Hope to visit more when we travel back to Ohio.