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Sweet Treats: A Blueberry Springs Valentine's Day Short Story Romance Boxed Set - Jean Oram

Sweet Treats by Jean Orman
This book is actually three books in one.
Tequila and Candy Hearts
She's started a new job and she's putting together a gala for Valentine's day for the town.
Todd is her best friend but she's pretending to speed date although not interested in anyone but him.
Story ends suddenly as it will be continued in a later book.
Whiskey and Gumdrop Hearts
Frankie is her boyfriend and he helped give her money for her bakery.
Mandy works so hard lots of hours every day. There is a Valentine speed dating event and she's to cater the sweets for the event.
Blueberry springs is a unique town. She doesn't want to marry him, just yet...
Vodka and Chocolate Drops
Amber has a boyfriend Russell but he spends a lot of time in the city as he's finishing up his book after his war injury.
She's a data base entry and has a best friend Scott who picks up where Russel leaves off. She has other relatives around and she was hoping to propose to Russel and win the $500 award of the Valentine gala the town put on.
Wish books had talked more about the town and community itself but it's mostly about the three couples to a point-you do have to read the books they came from til the end.
To me this is just a sampler of the three books as they are left with cliff hangers.
Author solicits for you to join her group of beta readers.
Free copy and this is my honest opinion.