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The Pursuit of Happiness: a novel by - 3052 Alan Trustman

The Pursuit of Happiness by Alan Trustman
Was interested in reading this story because of the gang affiliation around Boston area. Have known many over the years and have heard a lot of stories of their life.
Find them interesting, I'm not sure why. This one starts out with a man just enjoying his drink and food when a Dominican gang hold up the joint but the man does not let them get away with it.
Not any of the 7. Then we find Dick Berton in KY various different routes and means of transportation. Love learning about his next assignment where he's explaining to the women who's father owns the yacht about the Boston gangs and familiar names to me.
This mission involves a shark, in a tank in the Pacific ocean. They teach him about sharks for several weeks as they all go out into the cages themselves. This also gives me time to understand and learn. Love hearing of the math involved in everything and easy explanations of what some of the terms mean.
I never knew what scuba meant either. Liked hearing of all the poisonous sea life.
Sort of reminds me of Frank, the transporter as he has to make up his own mind with what he has when things don't go according to plan...
Love all the action and adventure, travel and learning new things and adult romance and sex scenes. Love that the author doesn't take 500 pages to tell this story as others would've done. Can't wait to read more from this author.
Received a review copy via publicist and this is my honest review.