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Initiation - Phil M. Williams

Initiation by Phil M. Williams
This book starts out with Carter and he and his family have just relocated to a new location and his dad has retired from the military. He lives with his mom, sister and dad-not his dad.
Carter is into football and most other sports and is good at it. Other people from the neighborhood stop by to say hi and bring a casserole-the Wheelers who also have a boy Carter's age-Ben.
They do get to spend time together as they are both on football team, just different strings. Book is about the initiation into the football club that every boy wants to be accepted into.
Like how author explains it at the end that not everyone has the same set of initiations. Those I've talked to said it was not that extreme but the way the author details the events make it very possible, for the book.
Liked the football play by play action and locations they go. Lots of sex scenes. Liked how there were just a handful of characters tut there are others that stir things up.
Loved hearing the details of places he went to and how he survived and who helped him. Will be reading more from this author.
Received this book from the author and this is my honest review.