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A Cabin Full of Food: Filling your pantry, and using it - Marie Beausoleil

A Cabin Full of Food: Filling your pantry, and using it by Marie Beausoleil
Starts out with seasons and what vegetables should be started in garden, etc
List of things needed to cook the meals.  Encourages you to make your own-it's cheaper also.
Like chocolate chip cookie recipe although no photo or nutritional information the ingredients are a lot healthier than what's on the back of the bag of chips.
Love the recipe for baking powder as last winter I ran out and the recipe REALLY needed it-tried baking soda but I needed to take cream of tartar.
Lots of listings for spice substitutions, can't wait to try the french dressing mix as I use it every night.
Can't wait to try the oatmeal cookie recipe as you can substitute for the sugar.
Biscuits, muffins and I can imagine using parts of these to make our nutritional bars.
Even making your own baking mix and then using that to make a large variety of dishes.
Large section on vegetables, how to can, freeze and re-hydrate.  Lots of charts for size, liquids/dry, conversions for space, length,