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Murder at Lambswool Farm (Seaside Knitters Mystery) - Sally Goldenbaum

Murder at Lambswool Farm
Back at Sea Harbor and they need to save the local farm.
Their town actually has a doctor who makes house visits. Dr. Allan has taken on a docter who buys half the business and he has no more heirs to continue on the family practice.
Glen comes to town and has a medical background but also wants to write a story about the town, especially the history surrounding the medical practice. He delivers two sheep one night and the doctor has been murdered.
Arsenic poisoning. Women of the knitting group try to solve who did it-they know Glen's car was fixed within a day but he stayed on many days after. Maybe it was the partner in the business, maybe the handicapped man Dr. Allan had fired...there is also no will....
Love talks of gardening, farm and sea shore.  Shrimp recipe and felted bowl knit pattern included from farm dinner table.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).