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After September - Stephanie Smith

Rose had enough-always running in to her ex and his new bride and nothing was holding her to stay now. Kids were in college so she sold the house and rented one in St. Croix to just get away from everything.
She ends up injuring her foot after waking up on the island and goes to the doctor who runs the local orphanage. They each have an attraction to one another.
Love island life and she discovers she has to find something to do. She had noticed a church on her jaunts around town on her bike-we just bought bikes-yes in our 60's and are enjoying them tremendously.
Author describes the house in such detail you can picture it yourself and want to move in. Ocean breezes was the perfect calming effect.
She had prayed to God to take away the pain and stop praying when the pains remained. She talks to Patrick, the doctor and a bit more relieved after he tells her his story and invites her to church.
Things are going well with them and then they are not. Things are not going as she had expected.
She had turned her back on God and she realizes she really needs him in her life...
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review.