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Finding You at Christmas: A Shellwater Key Tale - Kristin Wallace

Finding You at Christmas by Kristin Wallace
Janie had helped raise the other siblings. Then she realized she needed a life and gets help from Brianne who will set her up with a date.
Bianca helped with the makeup and short slinky mini dress. On her way there she passes where her mother lost her life, her car dies, her phone is home and the biker pulls over to help and all she can think about is a murderer.
I recently discovered the magic of dancing and the part where they have a stolen dance is magic to me, hits me hard deep inside.  Her father is to remarry soon and Janie will move into her own apartment and help with the new minister as she's the church secretary....
She helps with play rehearsals and he's back earlier than expected to the town where his new job will be.
Catastrophes occur and she keeps blaming herself...Like the book for many reasons: the locale and how they celebrate Christmas, a good story and true detailed feelings. Easy book to read. Descriptions are so detailed I can picture myself just walking into the scenes.
Excerpts from various other works by the author.
This book was given to me on InstaFreebie.