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The Rug Merchant - Phillip Lopate

The Rug Merchant
Story of a man who has nobody and he relies on his rugs to find solace.
He lives above the shop among other tenants and one year the rent is raised and it's too much for him to pay.
As a last result he knows he can sell the rugs, but then what. Sirius has many conversations with his male friend, Averginia about having sex with women and he knows he needs to find a good woman.
He feels he's done Kathleeen wrong as she may be overheard a conversation.
Some shopkeepers are leaving due to the high rent and one rallies and hopes to demonstrate and force the owner to back down to regular rent.
He reaches out to his mother...then his brother for a loan...if he marries they might give him money...
Very explicit sexual details as he tries to come to understandings...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).