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Dandelions - Vivienne Vincent

Dandelions by Vivienne Vincent
Story sounded interesting and the book starts out when Izzy is 8. She recalls the interaction she and Saber have and then 10 years later when she's working as a barrister and she spills a drink on him.
Her first date and it's with him and she expects him to come to the door and he waits for her near his car. They agree they must communicate better.
Like analogy of dandelion and how it's an illusion vs a rose she does accept from him.
Fan magazines have a different impression of how he really is...her dog Dandelion's decreasing health makes her want to cancel the date but they have not exchanged numbers.
He is very understanding and they come to a solution as he helps her with the dog.
He is so experienced and she is new to all the lovemaking, even kissing...
Very explicit sexual, ON FIRE details as he teaches her how to please him in many ways. The next day she realizes what has happened.
At times you feel sorry for her knowing her upbringing...
A Billionaire's Bedroom Behavior Unveiled
Another ten years later: This part of the story revolves around Saber Fergus and starts out with Izzy and her grandmother has died and she moved to NY to live with her uncle and aunt. She gets training to be a typist and leaves their house to make it on her own.
She's felt betrayed from the way Saber treated her after that one night and she is replused by many others who want a date with her over the years.
She had to finish writing a story of how Saber has inherited his family estate and he has a pen collection. She can really make the story go the other way by substituting some words and letting others know the real guy. So funny, til the story is printed!
She is told to apologize to him and he just wants to control her life and she can't refuse part of the proposition.
Didn't see that ending coming! Lots of twists and turns along the way. Easy to keep track of the characters as there are only a handful. Interesting where the book starts and ends-full circle.
High velocity sexual content with a good story line about human nature.
I received this book from the author via Goodreads contact in exchange for my honest review.