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Ring of Fire (A Caribou Crossing Romance) - Susan Fox

Ring of Fire by Susan Fox
Have read other works by the author and have enjoyed the books.
This one is about Lark Cantrell and she's the fire chief at Caribou Crossings. Her mother and 10 year old son are used to her leaving in the middle of the night to guide the other firefighters and help put fires out.
I do enjoy firefighter stories as I learn so much from them, interesting topic and I'm not sure why.
Within the first 50 pages I've already learned a few new things: what horn on saddle is for, how CP patients and those with articial legs can do things...
Major Eric Weaver is doing rehab there in British Columbia, on leave from the army when Lark pulls him out of the burning house he was renting. Her son Jayden who has CP and he are paired with horses, it's therapy and I love hearing all about it.
Lark has sworn off men since her husband had walked out after learning their baby had CP but she starts to get hot and bothered about Eric.
She likes how Jayden has another male he can talk to-things she can't relate to...They become lovers over time and then some unexpected things occur that might help or not..
hot steamy sex scenes.  Excerpt from a Holiday in Your Heart is also included at the end. Would enjoy reading more of this town in BC.
I received this book from The Kensington Books in exchange for my honest review