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See Me - Nicholas Sparks

See Me by Nicholas Sparks
He came to the campus to learn, he has memories of the place....He had to be patient. He wants revenge on the family and he knew them all and would watch them from afar...Starts out rather suspicious, stalking kinda mystery.
Colin is in college also and we learn of his past-ADHD and parents who didn't want to take care of him, military school, combat sports...
Ryan had rented an apartment to Colin and gave him a chance.
Story also follows Maria and she's a lawyer, whose boss is hitting on her and he's married with kids.  Serena is her sister and is able to talk to her sister to find out gritty details.
Maria is able to paddleboard to relieve the tension.
Colin's PO is always on his case and he hopes he has an alibi as he helped changed the woman's tire and she used his phone to call her sister.
Serena sets them up and they meet after drinks to just spend time at the beach watching the sun set.
Date for paddleboarding and they open up quite frankly to one another. Enjoyed the details of practice fighting and salsa dancing lessons.
Colin and Maria combine forces to figure out who is sending her flowers with mysterious letters.
Love all the social media and apps that help him figure out where not only your cell is located but the guy that wants to kill her. clues are all around and family and friends help keep Maria and family safe.
Don't care to read thrillers and this is one, was hoping more romance, the author's style has really changed a lot.