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Snowed Under: A Christmas Short Story - Jude Ryan

Snowed Under: A Christmas Story  
Janna is so busy with work things around Christmas and dreads going to the party.
Allastair watches as Jeff scares off another woman.  His family company is the Christmas tree grow to glow and they need help.
The PR company is going to send Janna and have her return at night then back to the office to report in. Lots of problems occur.
She and Allastair don't like the commercialism of the holiday.  Story fascinates me as my family ran a nursery and I love trees and like to learn about them.
Their tree company has to terminate the business with the PR firm, they just can't make ends meet. Another problem is she won't be making ti back to London...
They each have their reasons for not liking the holiday....as they try to keep the dire news from his father...Like setting of woods in Scotland, quite a change of scenery for me.
Cute holiday read. Author highlights her other works at the end