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The Fixer Upper - Mary Kay Andrews

Fixer Upper by mary Kay Andrews
Have read many of the authors works and have enjoyed the books.
This book starts out with her losing her job and her boss being investigated by the FBI. Dempsey relies on her father and he's agreed to fund her at a recent relatives passing and he's learned he owns the house, south of Atlanta.
She travels there and assumes she  will be fixing up the place and flipping it til her next job comes through. The house has a relative who's a squatter but it's is very disrepair shape.
The townsfolk know all about her and her life, and family. Reporters track her down at her new location about her troubles with the law. The local lawyer will be handling her case. She's only a lobbyist, not a lawyer.
Her lawyer has her come up with a timeline to help figure things out-this is when we learn all about the trip she had scheduled for a client, using her credit card. The feds want her to wear a wire, meet her old boss and have him speak as to what happened, to clear her name.
Book also follows Keeley and others trying to find out what happened to her mother...
Lots of action as she finally agrees to wear the wire and meet him... Book comes with recipes of food they make during the book.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).