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String Of Pearls: Book One of "A Cord Of Three Strands" Series (Volume 1) - Lydia Moen

String of Pearls by Lydia Moen
Love pearls and wanted to find out about them in this book.
Starts out in a small community alongside a lake where there is a car accident. A man has run into a woman along the side of the road.
There are 3 women who bond together to form the cord. Some are married with traveling husbands, one is a widow and another is going through coping with her husbands medical problems.
Love how the book got its title and what the pearls represent. Like how the groups of people lean on one another they become to familiar to one another that they can just walk into each others houses and help where needed.
They are all involved in charity and volunteer work to help others.  Good to see how people handle the tough stuff relying on God and praying. Seems to work better when they do it as a group.
So many bad things happen and the combine forces to overcome them while going about their daily lives. Hard decisions for some to make and all lend a hand. Can't wait to read the next in this series.
I received this book from Bookfun.org (Book Club Network) in exchange for my honest review.