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Sonoma Rose - Jennifer Chiaverini

Sonoma Rose
This part of the quilt series is about Rosa in CA and she's had enough abuse and she and the children are fleeing along with John's strongbox. Her husband did not like her parents and they were not allowed at family events.
She grabs the family quilts and photos and she knows John will follow her to the mesa, but he doesn't know of the caves...Her childhood friend Lars  might be able to help save her and the children.  Lots of secrets as to who the father is of the children but he just wants to protect her.
Chapters go back in time to when they first met, who she selected for her spouse, etc With chapters of present time we are able to follow her life after she's left with help to tend to her children so they won't be so sick..
Love the travel and how she seeks out doctors to help the kids. Like that he stands by her and that others are trying to shut down the moonshiners.
Liked hearing of the process of wine from grapes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).