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Follow the Stars Home - Luanne Rice

Follow the stars home by Luanne Rice
Have enjoyed all the authors other works and know this one will be great also.
Starts out with just after the accident and Diane is in the hospital and so is her daughter with a broken arm.
Then the story goes back to when Diane had brought her daughter to the doctor. The MacIntosh brothers-One is a lobsterman, the other a pediatrician, Allen.
Julia is disabled and her uncle is Allen. She knows her colors.  Tim is Julia's father but he walked out on Diane and her.  Diane is able to make fairy playhouses and still be home to take for Julia.
Story also follows Amy whose mother is an alcoholic and Buddy lives with them and is abusive.  
Diane's mother Lucinda has retired from the library and was given money to go visit PEI with the girls. They will get a motor home so they can live inside of it while traveling there.
Love the travel and new words I've learned...emergency medical arises, will it draw them all together again?
 I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).