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Jewelled Path - Rosalind Laker

Jewelled Path by Rosalind Laker
Late 1800's Irene has  a new Russian stepmother, Sophia and is married to Edmund, he designs jewelry for her.
Growing up she outfits her in new clothes, common, practical and colorful. Sophia also takes her to museums and art galleries and they stop in Edmund's jewelry shop where he designs.
Irene had learned so much from watching the process of the workers at the jewelry shop throughout the years.
designs jewelery something she always wanted to do. Her father wants her married. He visits the art and craft center and agrees her to go, if she uses their transport. She also meets many men who teach her many things...
Loved hearing of all the technical side of the gems and settings, how things are created, the meaning of the processes.
Hot steamy sex scenes. Story follows Irene, her stepmother Sophia and her father and their other lifes....death, more mysteries arise and she tracks down the sources...
The eggs are most fascinating to learn about....so many upheavals
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).