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A Perfect Life: A Novel - Danielle Steel

A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel
Newscaster Blaze McCarthy and her daughter Salema whose blind tell how they cope with life from their side.
When Salemas aide dies she moves back home to NYC and they are assigned a male and the problems that arise due to his sex is one they drive through. Simon  is not a maid and he strives to get Salema independent by making her do things.
He falls in love with Blaze and they carry on a romantic relationship.  After the holidays he has to return to the school to serve out his contact and his past girlfriend has finally left her husband, for Simon. Blaze's career shoots to the top and others have tried but can't overtake her career.
She also discovers she is pregnant and takes a lot more time to be there for Salema as her musical career happens and it excites them all. She decides not to go back to the institution but to stay in the city.  She knows what decision she has to make about the child.
Simon comes to tell her of his plans and the things he likes to do and wants to do, in the city. She will at least let him see the child but are they really over?
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).