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My Dearest Friend - Nancy Thayer

My Dearest Friend by Nancy Thayer
Have read most of the authors other works and they are always a joy to read.
Daphne Miller has gone through many changes over the years and moves to VT. Her daughter has also moved clear across the country to live with her father, who's not even sent her a birthday card in 14 years. Daphne also has male friends who show sexual attraction to one another but neither crosses the line.
Story also has alternating chapters about Jack and his wife and toddler daughter.
Jack Hamilton works with Daphne and they have  a strong relationship once he's met her on his daily run and accepts a cup of coffee-something his wife doesn't make for him.
Kara is so overworked just taking care of the toddler and she feels so inferior to the other professor wives.
Daphne had lost her husband to another woman and she wonders if she can do the same to Jack's wife.
Jacks wife is finding it hard to live there-the faculty wives are not as open and welcoming as she raises their infant daughter.
We learn of Daphne's disastrous marriage and how she was betrayed. A bit of a surprise to see how the ending comes to be...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).