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Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day - Whitney Lyles, Cathie Linz, Beverly Brandt, Pamela Clare Catch of the Day Whitney Lyles, Beverly Brandt, Cathie Linz, Pamela Clare
4 books by 4 authors, hot steamy
SO CAUGHT UP IN YOU by Beverly Brandt
Pam Greenly owns the bridal/floral shop, Bloomers and can't figure out why she had scheduled so many weddings for one week because there was something wrong with each of them.
She had hooked up with Michael Denton every time he strolled through town and she fell for it every time, it was such an awesome night.
Now the bridal magazine is doing a story on her designs and it has come out that Michael is gay and finds out Pam is the one who said it.
Her assistant Jessica has updated her web site with all kinds of local information...
Love how Pam handles all the mishaps, too funny!
He had wrote a book about how to hook a husband and left a copy on Pam's desk but she didn't do anything in the book.
Heaven Can't Wait by Pamela Clare
Lucy and Will Frasier knew how to completely satisfy each other sexually..
He is the sportswriter and she's the feature editor at the same newspaper. She had gotten injured running one day and he had helped take her to the hospital.
She had invited me to dinner to repay him and that's all it took.
They were due to be married in a few weeks time...
She challenges him to give up sex til their marriage night and he takes up the challenge...
Pink cummerbunds if he lose and she'd have to wear the slutty wedding dress if she lost.
Her mother interferes with her wisdom...
When the explosion happens he's sure he's lost her...
Quinn Hayes is a wedding planner, the extreme kind. He also is an ex con and is into slave trading.
Tasha, an investigative reporter is there to find out what happened to a couple that had just gotten married, they had disappeared into thin air.
Her sister had left with the wedding planner on the zipline from the hotel roof.
She helps him come up with a plan to throw them off from the men looking for their boss, who was a dead man.
Later Quinn sits in the bar with Tasha and her sister and tells them how he helped some escape on his senior trip for spring break.
The wedding does take place with a twist...
THE WEDDING PARTY by Whitney Lyles
Meg is at a pre-wedding reception where there are not many bridesmaids there nor groomsmen.
She was singing with others and started doing the pony dance and her shoe went flying and probably hit Mason, yep he had showed up.
She took him back to his hotel and they were just getting ready to hook up when she stopped it and they talked about how it could go somewhere but they had both changed.
She's now on her way to Mexico for a girls only weekend and she gets stuck with other bridesmaids but she'd rather be in the other car...
Unforeseen things happen when she leaves the resort early with Mason to head back to the states...