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The Returning

The Returning - Ann Tatlock
The Returning by Ann Tatlock
A man returns home to the place his wife and three kids moved to when he went to prison. It's ideal for them, the kids play on the water and there are jobs for the teens.
He tries to fit in with them all. There is a boy who has autism and he's open to hugs. The others are very hesitant to show their love.
The father also was an alcoholic. Now they find out the oldest daughter, Rebecca has been out drinking at nights after escaping from her bedroom window. They have a lot to deal with
amont the problems he has, his job cleaning up dishes at a restaurant. He hopes to move back to Rochester where the job opportunities are better with better pay. His wife and kids
want to stay put til they are out of high school at least.
He has also found faith in religion again.
Most couples don't stay together when one gets out and he knows it will be a struggle.