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Comeback Love

Comeback Love - Peter Golden Comeback Love by Peter Golden
This book is about Gordon Meyers who is a writer and going to college, to keep out of the war.
Glenna Rising is studying to be a doctor and they get wrapped up in the rallies/marches/protests that deal with abortions. She is able to perform abortions where you suction out the cells. She doesn't feel it's a fetus till after 12 weeks.
They start dating and go to the rallies and protest marches in the city.
This love story goes in a different direction and they each move on in their lives. They do meet up later in life and I love how the book just goes to a certain point then goes back in time so you are then able to understand what transpired.
It follows both of their living arrangements and travel and work til they meet again. Their families, husband, children and work.
Love the travels and the work they've each done over the years.
I can recall sitting in front of a TV listening to the lottery for the war with my brother. It's one of the only times I ever saw him cry.
Love the memories of Woodstock and other mentions of musical groups of the times.
Not only did I like the travel but the learning of new things in this book. I had just read a war type book where it mentioned the listening posts so that was familiar to me.
Although this is mostly about the two of them, others pop into their lives but it's not overpowering, keeping the focus on the two main characters. Love touching scene at his sisters'.
Loved the ending also, brought it all together...
To me this is the Love Story of the 70's. This book got a 5 out of 5, excellent read!