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Josh - R.C. Ryan Josh by R.C. Ryan
ISBN: 9781455502431
Josh Conway lives on the ranch with his brothers, father, and grandfather and they have 2 females who do the domestic for them. He is also a top notch climber and has been known to help the officials by going up into the mountain to help rescue people who are lost.
His mother had disappeared when he was younger, with no clues. He finds calm on the mountain on his ledge. He gets summoned and is able to find the woman photographer, Sierra Moore and ends up bringing her back to the house. Things occur that made her stay a bit longer and the cops are called in.
She stays even longer and capture ranch life with her camera. Even witnessed the roundup and was able to help the women on the ranch to a girls only day out on the town at the salon.
With the threats no longer a problem Josh and Sierra plan to spend some time on the mountain getting to know one another better and she wants to again capture the snowfall with her camera.
The wildlife are extraordinary and I loved hearing about the different colors of the sun rises and sets and the descriptions of the flowers, plant life, etc
Things don't go as planned for their trip and others have to come to the mountain to help...
Loved how the family life is portrayed as hard working and caring people.
Love that this is a series with the other brothers having their own books.