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The Boyfriend of the Month Club

The Boyfriend of the Month Club - Maria Geraci Boyfriend of the Month Club by Maria Gerac
Grace is not having a good day at all. Everything is going wrong: her period came, her dress was a petite, she chipped her tooth, and she finally found her date for the night.
She tracked Brandon down at an Irish pub and she was the only female in the bar.
They had met in zumba class and the guys had fun with that comment.
She works at the Florida Charlie tourist store and her Cuban father and grandmother run the place and she helps.
One of the guys that was giving her a hard time at the pub is her new dentist but he didn't comment on that they had met prior.
Family business problems and setting up the boyfriend of the month club keeps Grace busy. The women have set up guidelines to rank the guys they've gone out with and what was wrong with them, so others would know what to expect.
Her brother Charlie and his on/off love affair and the problems with his job make this an almost comical book at times. Other times it's very serious.
Good light read as you see what things the women try.
She has agreed to help Dr. Joe with his Thanksgiving dinner as he has no clue about what to pick and what to serve, never mind about how to cook it.
Love the Hemingway Corner of the shop and loved the tour.
The grandmother has a premonition that the one who sent her flowers is her 'man' the one she needs to marry. The guy she's interested in is her dentist though.