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Overseas - Beatriz Williams Overseas by Beatrice Williams
Investor banker Kate Wilson is attracted to the British Julian Lawrence who has a hedge-fund and he's very wealthy.
She gets thrown into doing reports and things for him, her company needs his business.
Being as I am listening to this there is not distinction between the times: one is the present, the other world war 1 era. Kinda hard to follow
but love the idea of the parellel universe with the same people and the subject of Wall Street and the stock market.
When Alesha becomes her friend and steals information from her computer, she loses her job. Julian talks her into going away for a few days at the cabin in the woods and
then tells her her life may be in danger cuz of him, his money and the company where some stock holders don't care for the action he took.
He wants to leave for several months but she wants to search for a new job..
Interesting to see who else has come to the future from his past.
When Kate finds out who's really behind the sabotage she knows she has to tell Julian. He's kept so many secrets from her and he keeps telling her he will tell her everything.
They will get revenge on those who made Kate lose her job..