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Mischief and Mistletoe

Mischief and Mistletoe - Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley, Joanna Bourne, Patricia Rice, Nicola Cornick, Cara Elliott, Anne Gracie, Susan Fraser King Mischief and Mistletoe by Mary Jo Putney, Jo Beverley and 6 others
Each of the 6 stories is Christmas themed and about 50 pages long. Historical English at Christmas time, balls, huge festivities, plays,
Stories tend to be a woman seeking a man that has crossed her life in earlier years, it's Christmas time and the want the magical and mystical part of it all.
Really enjoyed reading of all the themed locations, I can just see all the lighted candles in each window upon driving up to the house. These women are a bit on the wild side and not much gets in their ways ...
She stoops to Wenchdom by Mary Jo Putney
Lucianda Richards has arrived at the holiday ball and recall Capt. Gregory Kenmore from when he'd come for lessons at the vicarage from her father.
She heard rumors at the ball and wants to see for herself if they are true so Chloe helps her dress so she can go serve at the bar-flirt and be a wench at night.
He ends up with something of hers and he sends out a message that she must go to his house to retrieve it. He has no idea who the item belongs to...
Miss Brockhurts's Christmas Campaign by Jo Beverley
Penelope and her mother will travel to her friends house for the Christmas holiday, in the country.
Pen hopes to meet up with a long time ago friend, Ross Skerries as he had a liking to him once.
His marriage partner is present so she must work fast if she is to break them up...
Intrigue and Mistletoe by Joanna Bourne
Elinor Pennington is in love with Jack Tyler and has been for many years. She's trained in codebreaking and finds the perfect spot to catch others at the inn.
Love all the talk of the greenery for the season...
Wench in Wonderland by Patricia Rice
Damaris Bedloe loathed the snow and the gloom it brought to her life.
After the accident and she finally wakes up others are calling her Lady Alice and she can't think why...
On A Wicked Winter's Night by Nicola Cornick
Lydia owns the Silent Wench inn where Johnny was taken after the carriage went off the road and landed in icy water.
He owns the Newport Castle and her inn is part of his estate...
Weathering the Storm by Cara Elliott
Sophie tries to make a deal to have Lord Leete sail her to London by Christmas. She knows she's met him before in Boston
on Foreign Affairs business...
The Mistletoe Bride by Anne Gracie
Dying Peggy Smith was given money to wed him and then she could walk away. he, Roman McAllister only needed the certificate.
Problem is she has 2 little girls back home that she left with others. On the journey Marguerite has tried to help her...
A Wilder Wench by Susan King
Cristiana had been saved, her younger brother Patrick as well. As time goes on a letter is found telling of a marriage of her and one of his grandsons, Dunallan...