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Second Nature

Second Nature - Jacquelyn Mitchard Second Nature by Jacquelyn Mitchard
Sicily has not only lost her face due to the fire but her father. Her mother killed herself shortly afterward and her aunt raised her. Joey, who was one of the many kids at the church choir practice that night is always sweet on her
and they now plan to marry many years later.
She had been asked by another girl there years later, if she wanted to go through a new experimental face transplant and she declines, for now.
Just before the wedding the real details of how the fire started come out and she is heartbroken for that and for the end of her dream of ever getting married....
When she decides on the surgery knowing it may not work at all she contemplates everything carefully.
Love how Beth Sinclair from the Deep ocean novel is in this book also as the photographer she wants to hire to photograph her and another as the days go by.
When another medical emergency comes up she has to decide: her life or her baby and even after that there are no guarantees for either choice.