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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification - Jill Shalvis Instant Gratification by Jill Shalvis
Emma St. Clair is the doctor in the emergency care in Wishfull, CA. This family saga is about Stone. His other brothers, The Wilder brothers operate the lodge and offer extreme sports tours. They each have their own book.
Everybody had a bear story but she was yet to see one. She has temporarily taken over her father's practice. They were opposites.
Victorian house is converted so she can live where she works. Stone arrives and thinks he just needs a band aid. Cam and TJ, his brothers, spent time out of town.
She is a city girl and is very bored. They run the outdoor adventure business. He just wants the band-aid and she needs to stitch him back together.
We also get to catch up with his brothers and their love interests. Stone and Emma each are physically attracted to one another and know they are off limits-no hands, ever.
Stone takes her up the mountain to help deliver the baby...Spence, a doctor friend of Emma's is there for a bit of relaxation and he ends up finding a love interest but he lives in NY and she is in town.
Lot of hot sex scenes and innuendo. Over time she learns about her real father and how her mother kept her away from him. She also learns more about the work Stone does, orphaned children that he
takes on climbs, etc. Her father informs her of his health and that he might want to just sell the practice...
She also learns who paid for her college years and thinks she may have to confront them about the money... She has so many choices and options to choose from...
Loved the hiking and nature.