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The Dish Dog by Peter Davidson


The Dish Dog by Peter Davidson




The Dish Dog by Peter Davidson

This story starts out with Harley and he's just a bus boy at one of the most elite restaurants in NYC.

Story is so descriptive in details to not only surroundings, but routines as well.

He has the ability to hear things from the whole room picking up on many conversations at once. He is able to learn about tips of what stocks to buy.

From there the story also follows Dr. Kimberly King who's now working for the FBI in forensic dept. They are on a trail of investments that appear to have bene leaked about when they will rise to the top of markets.

Love understanding the sequences that take place as she and her team track down who the main person is that is getting all the funds from the leaks that occur.

Love haring how the culprit disguises their life and is able to leave when they need to.

 Couldn't put this book down, really draws you in as you know this could happen and how it could be accomplished.