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Easter with Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid


Easter with Snowman Paul by [Yossi Lapid, Joanna Pasek]




Easter with Snowman Paul by Yossi Lapid
Colorful, children's, rhyming book about snowman Paul and it's Easter time.
The kids can't believe their eyes, Paul is begging for eggs. There is a contest Easter painting and Paul wants to participate also.
He persuades a hen to let him have the egg so he can decorate it and win the contest. She agrees.
Dan the little boy questions him and he sees the crack...Paul thinks it's extraordinary!
Love how Dan thinks about it and decides to stick by his friend and what he wants...
Love how the decorated ones that won are shown, so cool and special.
Such a cool design they created, never thought about it.
Book ends with other works from the author