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Friday's Folly



Friday's Folly by Hilary Walker



Friday's Folly by Hilary Walker Book starts out with a quote and note from the author. Chapters are listed then the story starts where we find Camille visiting a horse barn and finds a horse she really wants to help. Story also follow Max and they are able to help one another out with the horses. He also runs the family book shop on the island and it doesn't get much traffic. Mishaps occur and Camille has to help him out due to his injury. Love the places they take the horses, very descriptive. Like that they are opposites but they have a lot of common ground as well. The vet-the man in charge usually gets what he wants and he wants to date her. She has her eyes on Max and he conspires with her. Like that there are other people from the previous books in the series that help out in this one also. Is you've not read them, don't worry you are given enough information about them. Love the lighthouse and the horses there, had never heard of this particular island but have about other islands in the area. So much about the horses and how to train them, take care of them and ride them. Learned so many new things about horses. Love realistic everyday events that occur, down to earth and some very unpredictable. Note from the author and bibliography, about the author, acknowledgements, other works by the author and connect with the author are included at the end. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.