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Girls Burn Brighter - Shobha Rao

Girls burn brighter by Rao_ Shobha
Book starts out with a girl that is born and raised in India and her mother dies. The father over time hires another woman to come and tend to the looms.
Girl is now sent out to get married-her family paid another. Enjoyed learning of the spices involved and how important they are.
Her husband not only abuses her physically but after 2 years as she's not become pregnant they toss hot oil on her face and neck. The father in law gives her a ticket back home.
She uses it to go find her friend-who had refused to marry her father and she is able to track her down. The train tracks are ruined but there's a man who will help her raise money til she has enough to travel again.
It's a brothel and I can't read any more of this book, too brutal and abusive for my likes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).