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Seeking Catherine - Josie Riviera

Seeking Catherine by Josie Riviera
Got this book free on kindle site, enjoyed other works by the author.
This one starts with table of contents, praise and awards and reader reviews.
Start out in London 1544 and the thing I really liked was learning new words and what they meant. I rarely read from this time period.
Catherine is in charge of the books at the brothel and we learn of her past and her relatives. She is only there to protect her younger sister.
Sir Thomas is her man, he owns her. She is trying to figure out why the book numbers are not adding up-there's a lot of money missing.
Stefan has arrived during off hours and he confronts Catherine and she learns he will go after what he wants. He had left her once before and know she knows why.
Sex scenes and we learn of how he took out others standing in her way of freedom.
Enjoyed the read-was a short one-for me.
Other works by the author and excerpt from the next book in the series is included.