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Trapping the Butterfly - Debra Parmley

Trapping the Butterfly! by Debra Parmley Bethany lives with her aunt and uncle living off the inheritance her parents left her when they died. Ten years we find her within a few days of becoming 18 years of age. They all travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a business day and also for the hot springs to help Aunt Margaret with her health problems. We've traveled through some locations on the west coast Sol Duc where the springs are open to the public but I never knew there were so many procedures involved. The area offers music and individual rooms for men and women. As she reads outside she meets a dectective Paul and he's warned her to stay away from the 4th floor-bad men are abundant in the area. She's agree to accompany Richard-the business partner to be on a date for a musical that she's looking forward to. She learns more about Paul and enjoyed the butterfly discussion. Bethany is also taking the baths but it leaves her light headed as her aunt has made the corset very tight. Bethany has a plan and it's the 1920's and she wants to be like other females-the flappers and she meets Suki who helps her with the plan. Paul keeps her under surveillance....during prohibition-for some. She gets to step out and meets up with Rocco and others that look and act like gangsters...Paul had warned her though...the races are next...Southern club for dancing. Her guardians have taken drastic measures...scary things start happening and she has no idea what to do. Love her choices of what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Love the locations, very descriptive details, butterfly meanings, springs, flappers and all the other information I learned. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.