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The Lightkeeper - Susan Wiggs

The lightkeeper by Susan Wiggs
Starts out in 1886, Jessie Morgan is the lightkeeper and he feels a disturbance in the air and then notices something has washed up on the shore.
He then notices it's a female body, a pregnant one and the town soon learns of her living there as the doctor has been to visit. They figure out where she came from and help her recuperate.
We also learn of Jessie's past, his two best friends Emily and Granger and how things change forever one night...
Love hearing of the mermaid quilt and apples-we've always loved the huge apple when in WA.
Liked learning what hsi job is at the light house. I recall visiting the area ourselves and enjoyed the day. They do come together and with fears her married man will come for the child Jessie marries her.
One woman with many children comes with others from town to congratulate them and Mary has an idea of how she can remain in town and make money to survive on....
Mary tells him the man's name of the babys father and it sends Jessie into a deep dark world. He will get revenge on Granger this time, who's now married to his sister and she's miserable...
Sex scenes as they draw closer to one another and just want to survive the winter long months.
Granger appears to his wife who's at the cottage with Mary and David and they all leave together...Jessie can follow what happened with Anna's scent of gardenias and he gets in the boat to take care of them all. he can make it happen as the gale gets stronger and the light is out...
From NLS for my BARD player.