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Burning with Desire (Men of Marietta Book 5) - Patricia W. Fischer

Burning with Desire by Patricia Fischer
Gabby and her teen daughter leave TX and arrive in Marietta, MT to start over again. She bought the diner and hopes to settle in.
Next door neighbor, Kyle is a firefighter among a lot of other jobs and he helps show them around.
Like how they fit in and help with community goals. She has special secret recipes and hopes the others in town will love them. She has some changes she wants to make to the diner but she wants all the waitresses to stay on.
She grows to like Kyle as he's just what she needs. Learn more about Trinity and how she's welcomed in town and with the other teens. They are not used to the weather but Kyle's pitch in for outside clothing.
She also buys food from local shops and farms. We also learn more about his family that he keeps hidden because they are not who he is.
Predictable and lots of steamy sex scenes.
Like also how the town descriptions are displyed-as they are in other books-they are where they are, in right order.
Love all the charity work, calendars, cooking etc and learning what new things are going on with others in town as I do follow some of the other characters via other books by other authors.
Loved the confrontation at the end-make all things come together. Twists and turns. Other works by the author and bio at the end.
Received this review copy from the author as a free download and this is my honest opinion.