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Map of the Heart: A Novel - Susan Wiggs

Map of the Heart by Susan Wiggs
Camille Adams, a photographer and I love hearing about her craft.
The film is Malcolm Finnemore's and he has a very old film strip that he wants digitized. She loves the challenge.
While doing the work the call from ER that her daughter, Julie is there and she's on her way...her doctor husband had died in the water...
Story also follows Finn, history professor in Provence, France who's a volunteer with historic cemetary-chronilogging things left on headstones.
He's looking for his father still when his sister came across the unexposed film of things his dad had taken...
Interesting what draws them together and the link they have...
Love hearing of the locations and all the photography things all the mystery things they find and investigate.
This book is so much more detailed than the authors other works I've read-like her style but this takes the cake and icing. So much research has gone into this book and story is told in such a nice way.
Conflict with weight and interesting how the grandfather is the one to console his granddaughter from his own experience.
Book goes back in time to her father's parents growing up in France during the war and what they have to do to survive.
Problem for me is going back to the past and then forward to the present and future, several times. Wish it just had started in past and brought us up to date.
Not sure which section I like the best as they are all woven together.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).