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The Great Alone - Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah Have read other works by this author and have learned so much from them, looking forward to more of the same with this book. This one starts out with Leni and she's a teen and they are moving again. Her dad keeps losing his job, drinks a lot and beats up her mother then when he comes out of his PTSD he apologizes. They end up in Alaska, a cabin from one of his Nam buddies and they are welcomed into the community. What I like the best is how others help take care of them and prepare them for the winter months. Leni is able to go to school then come home to do chores-she also is into photography. Her school buddy Matthew shows an interest in her and her in him. They are able to spend some time not at school but her dad doesn't like the way Matthew's father pays attention to his wife, Cora. He has blowups and takes things out on his wife still. Love hearing of all their struggles and how they are able to make it all work. As Leni gets older she's able to learn more and experience more in nature to help keep them alive and safe. So much to this story, locations, colors, love all the nature, very detailed descriptions of the area and issues surrounding the community, Northern Lights, school excursions. Love where this story goes and glad things went in the direction they did and how things go full circle. So much to look forward to. Love hearing the connection she has with him over the years and waits for his words to reach her-they are both so damaged. You can always go home and you don't have to be alone. Love how this story came about from real experiences. Went through so many emotions as I read this book, had a hard time putting it down to make dinner. I received this review book from St. Martin's Press via Net Galley and this is my honest review.