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The Trouble with Being Wicked - Emma Locke

The Trouble with Being Wicked, Naughty Girl Book 1 by Emma Locke
1840 Celeste Gray and her friend Elizabeth are just carrying items into her new house. It's dilapadated and Liz can't wait to get out of the molding place.
Celeste had hired a footman, Tom to help. She had paid Lord Triston and he had no idea he had sold it to a woman.
The women were to live there while Elizabeth gave birth-they have no help and they are not close to the city. Story also follows Lord Triston and his two marriageable sisters.
Love the outside excusions and gardening. We learn more about all of them and their past as time goes on....
A wrench in the works in the guise of a man from the city-Roman. She hopes he keeps her identity and whereabouts a secret...erotic sexual scenes and descriptions.
Other works and excerpts are highlighted at the end.