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Her Wicked Ways - Darcy Burke

Her Wicked Ways by Darcy Burke
He and he buddies are there to rob the coaches but all he is offered is a kiss. He needs money for those at the orphanage for medicine.
He finds her name Miranda, appealing. Because of her behavior she's being sent to work at the orphanage in the way of punishment.
She had hoped to help Beatrice find a husband. That kiss though, was like one she never had before.
Fox is a farmer and helps at the orphanage, his family owns and runs it. She is able to ask others for contributions and lets him know he appeals to her.
Rob tries to pursuade him to go after Miranda before others get her.
Love hearing how she wants to teach the girls new things and how she handles the boys and manners at the table.
They are able to spend a lot of time together and the orphanage and learn more about each other.
Very explcit sexual scenes. Lots of mystery that involve money, missing money.
Very boring and long drawn out for my liking. Other works and excerpts are included at the end.
Received this free review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.