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Touch Me And Tango - Alicia Street, Roy Street

Touch Me and Tango by Alicia Street and Roy Street
This story starts out with Tanya-dancer who had traveled throughout Europe for the past several years.
She's part of a couple with Andre. Mark is her fiance and she finds out he needs to marry to get his inheritance.
She had always been in love with Parker-the nurseryman back home.
She's returned to take care of her mother who's now disabled... There are a lot of repairs that should be done while she's there...
Her mother wants them to locate the treasure and be rich... They need to get Parker to help but he hung up on Tanya... She also needs to make amends with Parker's sister Casey...
Her and parker have history and he even still has the ring.
Death threats and other life emergencies make them realize their time together may be short.
Lots of action, adventure, mystery, sex scenes, treasure hunts are just a bit of this book.
Love hearing of the wheelchair ballroom dancing, priceless!