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Snow Dance - Alicia Street

Kiss Me Dancer by Alicia Street and Roy Street
This story starts off with Casey and she's in charge of the 8 and 10 year old students at the barre. Love hearing abou the dance moves.
Josh left with his bio dad and she ran after them to find out who he was.
Story follows Casey and her family and her career and job of running and owning the ballet shop and the lease is about to be sold.
Parker, her brother took over the landscaping jobs his father had along with other miscellaneous jobs. He had helped her redo the whole place for the studio and her own apartment above.
Story also follows Josh and his dad. He's a very rich man and arrived in a limo and has yachts and everything else he ever wanted.
Drew Burn from the trucking company and he's got tats all over. She is strongly attracted to Drew.
He is highly attracted to her also when they show up for the local play Josh will be in.
Great keeping up to date with the others in her family as we were introduced to them in the previous book.
Like twist of the fortune teller. Their relationship takes different turns and twists and plans are made but with hestiation...
Sex scenes.She's lucky to have her best friend Natalie around when things don't go exactly as planned...