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Focus on Love - Candee Fick

Focus on Love By Candee Fick
Like the cover because of all the knitting on the front.
Free egift at the beginning. This story starts out with Liz and she's opening gifts.
The family is into the phtoography business and she's a great addition.
Jerry had been stealing her ideas for the company and coming off as they were his...
Her grandfather had wanted her but things didn't work out...
She prays often to God and knows she needs to go after new dreams: acting and forget about photography... til she gets paid for her photos...
She gets a call asking when she returns home, for good...after 3 years she has yet another job ad won't be coming home. Her father cuts her off from the family til she apologizes and comes home to work as a secretary for the photography business.
Not familiar with the areas so it's fascinating to me to learn about them and the very detailed descriptions make me want to go, along with the various acitivities available, outside.
Ryan and his family, priceless! Love hearing of the time they spend with his family, fills the void she has in her life. Love the church setting and how welcome it is with what others are wearing.
Love the synch they have with photography, I share the same with my husband.
Hate how the parents treat her but love her new life.
Like hearing of the military interjections and how God helps them get through all the turmoil.
More misunderstandings lead them apart... Can't wait to read more from this author. Lots of scriptures quotes. Excerpt from the next book is included.
Free from the author and this is my honest review.