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The Soldier Who Killed a King: A True Retelling of the Passion - David Kitz, Barry Buzza

The Soldier Who Killed a King by David Kitz
Wasn't sure I could get into reading this but so glad I got a review copy.
What an awesome read. Starts out with Marcus and he's the Roman soldier in charge as life comes to the city for Passover week. Growing up Catholic I was able to follow so much of this story.
Some parts of the story really helped me understand what really happened during that week and the resurrection that is commerated as Easter Sunday.
Like following the solider around as things are explained in words I can understand-just had to click on some words and the online dictionary would load up and tell me what the word meant.
So many details and very descriptive you can see in your mind what's going on. Wish they had taught us this version when we were growing up-it's so understandable and clear.
Wasn't able to read the print version due to my poor vision after trying all my other glasses and magnifiers so got a kindle version that I could control the font size of the text. Would highly recommend this book, enjoyed the read.
Espeically liked the ending.
I was given the review copy by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest opinion