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The Beautiful Lost - Luanne Rice

The beautiful lost by Luanne Rice
Starts out with the teen daughter, her mother gone, her father married a new woman Astra.
Love treasures I find in this book: whale room and all the associations with her mother.
She would see Billy Gorham standing at the window-his mother was murdered by his father...
Celestrial navagation and the sextant, another treasure! Mia sees a therapist but she feels bad for others who have to wait.
Hearing about the cairns brought tears to my eyes as we seek them out.
The plan is in motion and she takes Billy with her and he knows how to do things. Loved being on the Morgan again and learning more about the decks below.
Love the journey of where her plan will take them on, enjoying the journey so much.
Love personal message from the author, so touching. Resources listed at the end.