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Once Broken - D.M. Hamblin









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Once Broken by D. M. Hamblin
Book subject sounds interesting and I wanted to give this new author to me a try.
1993 wedding of Camilia and Tony.
Story goes back in time as it catches us up with the present day. Jackie and Gina on their way to the mall...jackie had once loved Tony and knows he's getting married...Tony is Gina's dad.
Tony's father stuck up for him no matter what bad things Tony had done.
Like how Jackie lives with the decisions she made in her life and have a bad feeling as to what really happened to her intended...
Happy to learn the grandparents want the child in their life...
Medical emergency gives them all a chance to stand back and think of what's going on and get it all in order.
What I like about this book are many things: music and lyrics of the time when I was growing up also, locations of places visited as I live or have been to the same ones-magical, the career Jackie decides on and why-so brave! So many hidden treasures: charms, needlework, picnics.
Unpredictable, scary, romantic, sex scenes, travel, just an all around great read. Can't wait to read more from this author as she gets her point acrss without a lot of drama. Love how it follows their lives through the teen to adult years and those older-well rounded family life. Feel so much closer to this author after reading her bio as we have gone through so many of the same things in life.
Received this review copy from the author via Goodreads and this is my honest opinion.