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By P.B. Ryan Still Life With Murder (Nell Sweeney Mystery Series) (Volume 1) (3rd Edition) [Paperback] - P.E. Ryan

STILL LIFE WITH MURDER by Patricia Ryan/ PB Ryan
Have read other works by this author and have enjoyed the books.
1860's on the Cape and life at the summer cottage, more like a mansion.
Hewett's are about to have another in the family. The new nursery maid, Nell tries to adjust to living in the city and on the Cape during the summer months. She also has to help raise the child under religion of the family.
She knows much of the family's dark secrets. She's a great one to sketch.
She is asked to help save their son William after he's been found, in a jail accused of murder. Mrs. Hewett can only rely on Nell to help as her husband has banned her from doing so herself.
The jail is so much part of her past life and she tries to find clues and people who saw what happened to try to help William...
Very detailed descriptions of hard subjects as she is witness to some of the investigations of scenes of events that occurred.
Like learning about all their dark secrets and how things worked back in time.
Lots of twists and turns and unpredictable things and you won't know who was the culprit til the end and it won't be who you think it is, who all the clues are pointing to.
Excerpt from the next book is included along with author bio.
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