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Under His Skin - S.I. Hayes, J. Haney

Under His Skin by S.I. Hayes and J. Haney Sounded like a great story to read and finally got the book and was not disappointed. Story follows Charlie who is a tattoo artist among other artistic mediums, at her family's shop in Gatlinburg, TN. Dorian is part of the family amusement park empire and he's banished from LA to TN to head up the new park there. He's come across Charlie and has her do his back tat. They spend time together and get to talking and one thing leads to another. Love the drop of the hat travel plans. Am familiar with TN area and was surprised to hear about parts of other countries - what a bonus for me! Lots of steamy sex scenes, very well detailed. Love the opportunities that are given to her, priceless! Like hearing of the mystery surrounding the shooting and how they solve that immediate problem. Everything goes into high gear as they are kept safe and other family personal emergencies arise. Lots of action and adventure, travel, romance and mysteries along with real life situations. Great all around story. Author bio's at the end. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.